A Surly Pugsley Adventure Bike.


I have been waiting for snow for a long time; just so I could justifiably take the Pugsley out. It is an incredible ride. I can’t really explain what it’s like to ride, but whenever I am riding through fresh snow, I always get the urge to talk like Cookie Monster. The Pugsley devours whatever is in front of me and i want to shake my head maniacally like he ate cookies.

Watching Sesame Street with my kids is really amazing for a few reasons. It’s crazy that so many of the animations and vignettes they use in the show are the same they used when I watched the show 25 years ago. And then some things have really changed. For example, Cookie Monster is frequently reminded by the other muppets/monsters/fringe celebrities that cookies are a “sometimes” food and not to be eaten all the time. That’s a good lesson for the generation of “husky” kids growing up playing xbox, WoW, and facebooking their life away (scathing cultural indictment!).

Back to the Puglsey.

I think this was a design reference when Surly was working on the Large Marge rims.



the Tobinator.