Salsa bikes have a unique sizing structure which can be pretty confusing, even to the people that talk about it all day every day. You can often overhear one of us on the phone saying “you’re looking for a 56? you mean a 55? no? oh, you want the equivalent of a 56, so you need a 53. yes. trust me”.

Good thing Salsa’s new website is amazing…

Pick your bike, tab through the geometry and fit charts. They are very well done. We’re trying to keep a few sizes of the our popular models in stock so you can actually ride them before you buy them (novel, eh?). We’re expecting the new Casseroll doubles in today, and we’re building up the rest of our Vayas and Chilis soon. A test ride trumps a fit chart anyday, but the fit chart is a great start.

Sometimes they expound on the more unique bikes, as they did yesterday with the Fargo:

Ari's Fargo v1.1


We needed a 52cm Vaya and Salsa was fresh out. The good people up there whipped up a custom build for us and shipped it as a whole box full of fun. Ari put it together and this is what came out. It’s gorgeous.

This is how this bike is supposed to roll!


The new Salsa Vaya is here.