Ari had the idea. Eric did the design. Printed at VGKids on dark black AA tees.

Available in M, L, XL in very limited qtys (we count them using one hand).

$19+$4 S&H.

Call 815.758.2403 or email to get yours.



Here we have another very different build of the Troll. No matter what you put on it, it’s always going to be a monster.

Enjoy it, Mr. Turner!

Final Build on Kristopher’s Troll:



And Kristopher, in a thoughtful act of gratitude, made use of a felled tree by carving us a shop log:

Which is pretty incredible on any day, but today it’s simply mind-blowing because I, too, just brought in a Shop Log:


Every shop has a shop blog, but find me another shop with a Shop Log, let alone TWO shop logs. I love a good adianoeta, but this is incredible.



We’ve really outdone ourselves this time.


The Trolls have landed.

Check out these hot dropouts:


We’ve got a couple on order, and they’re flying out of stock. If you’re interested, call your local Surly dealer at 815.758.2403 now.




I felt like I really needed to post something on 1.11.11. So, speaking of ones, this is the last one:

This is the last Pugsley we have until March. It’s an 18″ and after this, we’re out.

We’ll typically pick up some framesets when supply gets ugly, but even those are out. It’s pretty amazing.

But take heart! Now you can get tires for your fatbike that will imprint spiders in the snow:

IF you have a fatbike, that is…

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