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Here we have another very different build of the Troll. No matter what you put on it, it’s always going to be a monster.

Enjoy it, Mr. Turner!


Russ and I took a little trip out to Utah last summer and had the pleasure of riding a fleet of incredible bikes we’ll never sell in Illinois. It was called “Dealer Camp” and a number of dealers were invited out to experience the new goods from a number of smaller upcoming brands. This was a much nicer experience than say, Interbike. We didn’t feel like sheep, for one thing, and we didn’t come home reeking of filth for a month.

One company that successfully caught our eye was Nuvinci. We were familiar with “those weird hub guys” before the trip, but getting to try out their system was what made us take a second look. It’s unlike anything else, and although we can (and I’m about to) use many common words to describe what it’s like, you won’t get it until you get on it.

The Nuvinci N360 in an Internal Gear Hub system that uses a Continuously Variable Planetary (CVP) transmission. In earthspeak, that means that it uses little balls in the hub to create infinitely adjustable gear ratios – not fixed gears like a chain shifting on cassette cogs. The most unique part of this experience is using the grip shifter. Because the ratio continuously changes, there are no “clicks” – just a smooth, silent, shift. You just leave the shifter where the ratio feels good. You can shift from a standstill and accomplish a huge shift with just a flick of the wrist.

The range is pretty incredible: 360° of change. You can have a higher or lower range by changing the chainring or cog.

We’ve built up a couple bikes with the N360 recently and we’re thinking it should be an option for more people. It’s a hassle-free drivetrain for commuters and touring cyclists. It’s perfect for people that want the gear range of a standard drivetrain but don’t want the hassle of derailleurs. And it’s pretty attractive if you’re a just an IGH nerd.

Here’s a video showing the inner-workings of the CVP technology. I’ve watched it a few times now and I still don’t get it.

Elves. I’m just sticking to the theory that there are elves in there changing the gears.

I felt like I really needed to post something on 1.11.11. So, speaking of ones, this is the last one:

This is the last Pugsley we have until March. It’s an 18″ and after this, we’re out.

We’ll typically pick up some framesets when supply gets ugly, but even those are out. It’s pretty amazing.

But take heart! Now you can get tires for your fatbike that will imprint spiders in the snow:

IF you have a fatbike, that is…

Our first shipment of Osprey Hydraulic packs arrived this week.

They are the smartest hydration packs on the market, in my humble opinion. I fell in love with a Raptor 6 earlier this year and couldn’t resist bringing them into the store.

Osprey has a legendary pedigree. The have been innovating in the outdoor pack market for over 35 years. They know how to make a bag fit the body like few companies can. The weight of a full hydration pack can be unwieldy sometimes, especially if the bag isn’t fit well. Osprey incorporates a long list of systems into their hydration packs that make them comfortable and secure.

We are bring them in now because they are perfect for the coming season. They are ideal for snow-biking and snowshoeing – the two main focii of our STAY MOVING campaign.

Osprey also has a nice line of urban/daily use bags that we like, too.

Check them out:


We’re pumped about the new rides in our BMX basement. We’re seeing new stuff from MirraCo and Haro and everyone seems to be stepping it up this year. MirraCo’s new lineup is pretty impressive from their most basic Pre20 model to the pro level Black Pearl. Here are a few shots of the new bikes and the ever-evolving NCC BMX Basement.
Stay tuned for a new blog by Cheric (Chad and Eric) focusing on the NCC Basement, local riders, and new products.

Mike H, of New Glarus Eleventy fame, brought in a few of his new invention today: Eyeglass mirrors made from recycled spokes and bottlecaps. $10. Get them while they’re hot…

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