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Ari had the idea. Eric did the design. Printed at VGKids on dark black AA tees.

Available in M, L, XL in very limited qtys (we count them using one hand).

$19+$4 S&H.

Call 815.758.2403 or email to get yours.



We just received news that we will have access to the very (very) limited number of the Brooks/Vans collaborative Team Pro. This is a limited edition of 500 saddles in the world, with 200 being sold exclusively through Vans Stores and 300 through Supreme and Outstanding Brooks Dealers (that’s us).

The Vans shoes will be embossed with the same design and will be released in Vans Stores worldwide on Dec 1st.

The saddles will be available later this year for appx $320. If you are interested in one, please call and place a deposit asap. When we say limited, we mean it.


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The Hopkins Park Cyclocross T-shirts arrived today. They look great. Printed by VG Kids.

If you want one, I’d highly recommend calling or stopping by the shop before Saturday. They’ll be gone Sunday.

Bontrager released a new line of commuter gear for homo aspandexica – everyday non-lycra type folks. We had a chance to check some of the samples out and we’re impressed. The materials are comfy, the cuts are right, and the innovation is in there.

Front view of Commuter jacket – easily accommodates multiple chins…

Armpit view of commuter jacket

Knickers – a must have for legitimate bike dorks – who stand like this…

The Commuter Pant rolls up and snaps in place a reflective panel. smart.

The new Neck Gaiter comes in three colors - Bandit red...

... Babushka Green

... and Blacktrager.

Cool. Stuff.

Civia has a lot of cool stuff in here.

Civia Linden

They came out of the gates with the best commuter bike in the world a few years ago and their line has continued to expand since then. We signed on with them before they even had bikes to sell us. We

Civia Midtown

believe they have a good thing going. I’ve been riding a “FrankenCivia” this year and I’m pretty enamored with it. I’ve got it set up as a single speed with a porteur rack and swept hbars.

We’re really excited about their newest additions – The Linden and Midtown.

Both bikes have something about them that is hard to explain. “It’s all in the angles,” Ari says. The design and geometry of the bikes add a great ride quality. The Linden is quick and stable, the Midtown is smooth and handles well even with cargo in the front basket.

These models fit in well with our other bikes, too. The Linden is our answer for people looking at the Trek models but want something sportier than the 7000 series but more comfortable than the FX series. The Midtown is a natural upgrade to the Navigator series. We see many customers looking to use their bikes for more than just pleasure riding and these are great solutions.

We also stock a handful of other Civia items. Their front racks are designed

Civia Loring and Loring Basket

well and look great. The Market Rack fits most rigid forks. They also have the Loring Basket and the ultra-simple Platform Rack.

Civia has a wide array of handlebar options and we stock a couple. The Colfax is a favorite here – nice sweep, good angles.

Civia currently has fender options from their Hyland (Aluminum, extra long) and Loring (flat, bamboo) models. They have some plastic fenders on the way.

Civia’s website is also a great resource for bike commuters everywhere. Check them out at

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We’ve just received our Seafaring custom saddle, hand-carved by Kara Ginther, back from Topanga Creek Bicycles in LA. Topanga was the last stop on the SaddleWorks traveling exhibit we created this winter.  It’s good to have it back in the shop.

The whole experience surrounding the exhibit was inspirational. We at NCC have been inspired to continue incorporating more handmade items in our selection and in our personal use. We’ve also felt liberated to host different types of events that aren’t necessarily limited to typical bike shop stuff. We’re hoping to host a fine beer/wine tasting this summer in cooperation with the local and fabulous Inboden’s Market, to name one.

We’re happy to report Kara’s response to the whole experience was positive as well. In her words: “I cannot thank North Central Cyclery, Salvagetti, and Topanga Creek Cycles enough for coming together to host SaddleWorks.   It has been amazing to leave the impersonal world of web pages and digital images to experience the warmth and enthusiasm of real live people and face-to-face interactions.  So much has opened up for me since my initial online debut last October.  I am thrilled to be working on projects for The Tweed Run in London and Salone del Mobile 2010 for Wallpaper* magazine.  I have been able collaborate with bike builders nationwide, displaying my work at venues such as NAHBS 2010 in Virginia.  I’ve even been in contact with Brooks directly and am so happy to have their support!   I am thankful every day for those who have gone out of their way to promote a beginning (and yes, at times, starving) artist; it is at once humbling and incredibly motivating.  Thanks to you all, I have high hopes for the future of Kara Ginther Leather.”

Now, everybody pony up and order a saddle.



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