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Ari had the idea. Eric did the design. Printed at VGKids on dark black AA tees.

Available in M, L, XL in very limited qtys (we count them using one hand).

$19+$4 S&H.

Call 815.758.2403 or email to get yours.



Our STAY MOVING Clinic was a good time.

We had a great turn out. It was a good mix of people looking to extend their riding season, get into snowshoes, or just happy to be in a room full of like-minded lunatics.




We’ve got our photos up on Flickr here.

Thanks to James from Louis Garneau and many thanks to all the nice folks who came and hung out with us.



Bontrager released a new line of commuter gear for homo aspandexica – everyday non-lycra type folks. We had a chance to check some of the samples out and we’re impressed. The materials are comfy, the cuts are right, and the innovation is in there.

Front view of Commuter jacket – easily accommodates multiple chins…

Armpit view of commuter jacket

Knickers – a must have for legitimate bike dorks – who stand like this…

The Commuter Pant rolls up and snaps in place a reflective panel. smart.

The new Neck Gaiter comes in three colors - Bandit red...

... Babushka Green

... and Blacktrager.

Cool. Stuff.

Transmogrify: To change into a different shape or to transform, often with bizarre or humorous effect.

We got first glimpse of some new goodies from Surly as pictures from Eurobike have landed on midwestern shores.
We’re excited. Surly’s been mum about details, but anyone with the ability to squint can see there’s been some changes.
First up – THE TROLL

The Surly Troll - Geared 26er with a doosy of a dropout.

That tail hanging off the back of the Troll is new Surly-born product as well. The brave engineerds up there continue to drive innovation into a dark corner with this new addition: a burly cargo trailer previously unavailable outside of custom utility circles. The hitch system looks unlike anything on the market and undoubtedly manages the burden brilliantly.

Custom cargo capability at mass-consumer pricing!

The new Steamroller has been done up nice, separating itself from the legions of skinny-tire ss/fg steel bikes on the market today. Surly Open Bars, wider tires, brakes, new color.
And behind it, you’ll see what might be the most beautiful Surly color to date. The new Crosscheck will be that perfect blue back there.

Surly Steamroller and Crosscheck coming up.

These pictures and more can be found at Singletrack World – we thank them profusely for their espionage. Click the link to see the new Pugsley, the new Rolling Darryl rim, and some new top tubes…

Despite having 8 days to plan and promote the event, I think the Salsa Cycles Preview Night was a success. Dave G had come a long way in a short time and rolled into town around 3pm. We rearranged the floor to exhibit the new goods and once again celebrated the luxury we have in a good space.

We had a good turnout of local and regional attendees. We’ve learned that good brands attract good people and this event was just another example. The environment was amiable, welcoming, and relaxed. At sunset, Fire Chief Tyler Grey McK. got the campfire going outside. Eventually the party simmered down around the coals for s’mores.

The new goods were very well received. The Mukluk was the centerpiece of the night, but the Ti models and new Casseroll were also garnering attention.

Russ and I took Dave out for a cross ride the next morning. We showed him the Hopkins course and took him down to Afton for a few loops. I’ll expand on this later, but Afton Forest Preserve is fantastic. This is a recent discovery for us. I rode there on Monday and we found even more trails riding with Dave. It is perfect training ground for cyclocross. There are probably 4 miles of mowed paths intertwined in the preserve.

Thanks to Dave and Salsa Cycles for bringing the goods. It was a blast.

Check out our Flickr gallery for all the photos from the night, courtesy of THE John Campen, Dave G, Eric S, and moi.

It’s our pleasure and honor to announce a special event taking place next Wednesday here at North Central Cyclery. Salsa Cycles will be here to show off a handful of their new and never-before-seen bikes and components for the upcoming 2011 model year. The event will feature¬† product giveaways from Salsa and NCC, Test Rides (after a precursory background check and DNA sampling), Campfire,¬† Weenie Roast, S’mores, and, of course, beervezas.

The showstopping addition to the Salsa lineup is the new Mukluk.

The Mukluk is Salsa’s new snowbike and you’ll be able to see it live and in person. (Well, you’ll be in person. It will be in bicycle). We’ve already been told the Mukluk is going to be a tough bike to get a hold of, so we’ll be taking pre-orders at the event.

Another pair of beauties that are hard to obtain that will be present at the event are the Ti Mariachi and Ti La Cruz models – complete and ready for test rides.

The Ti Mariachi made a cameo here last winter. Our first Ti Salsa, the Ti La Cruz, finally arrived last week after being on order for months! The Ti family from Salsa will be growing this year, but you’ll have to stay tuned for more info on those new arrivals as they come.

Also making an appearance will be the new steel Mariachi.

Other new and never-before-seen stuff will be present at NCC. You’ll have to come and see it yourself. I truly am not at liberty to say what it will be.

Salsa will also have some prototypes of their new line of racks and “gear cages” to show off, too. These are impressive.

The festivities begin at 7pm on Wednesday night. Please feel free to send an rsvp to so we can buy enough weenies, vege-weenies, and s’morestuffs.

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