With all this non-stop gabbing about fatbikes, we’ve begun to notice our road bike section looking more and more dejected. It’s not a pretty sight to see carbon fiber mope

We’ve been advertising our Holiday Sale, but we haven’t been very specific. We have some ridiculous prices on some of the road bikes. We try very hard not to keep bikes around (we’re retailers, not collectors), so we rarely have bikes that are more than one model year old. For reasons we can’t explain, there are a few bikes that have stuck around for (much) longer than that and they need to get out of here.

Some bikes are timeless and model years don’t apply, but the rate of innovation in the bike industry is dizzying and it’s gross when the “hottest thing” becomes stale in less than a year. Road bikes are the worst in this case; they’re sometimes obsolete by the time they become rideable. (Released/Exhibited in September, out of production Nov-February, first good outdoor ride in March or April, and then the sneak peeks of new stuff trickle out in May)[it’s stupid].

That all being said, we’ve got some great bikes that we’re tired of looking at and they need some good homes. Here are a few, but be sure to stop in and see the rest.

2008 Trek Madone 4.7 – 52cm – Upgraded to Ultegra SL

This bike originally came with Ultegra, but we upgraded them to Ultegra SL*. Originally, the bike was $2650, but we’ve got it marked down to $1950 even though we hung some better stuff on there.

*Shimano made the Ultegra SL group in 2008 only. It was a fantastic idea for roughly 18 minutes.

2009 Trek TTX 9.0 – Sm (52cm)

There’s no good reason this bike is still in the store. This is a little rocket. Was $3,000 – now $2400

2009 Trek Equinox 7 – 58cm

Beautiful Tri bike desperately seeking small giant. Enjoys long training rides and smashing PRs.

Originally $1900, now $1399

Other bikes on sale:

2010 Trek 1.5 – 54, 56 and 56cm WSD – $829 – $70 off

Salsa Pistola – 58cm (actual) – $1500 – $400 off

2010 Trek Project One Madones – 54, 58, and 54WSD – 15% off (up to $600 off)

There’s more in the store.


See you soon.