November 2010

The 2011 running of the NCC HAC Gravel Metric is set for Sunday, May 29th at 9am.

Here’s our “new” video.

yes. It’s the same video, we know, but how do you top that? (trust me, we’ve been thinking about it)

So mark your calendars.


The new LG Super Prestige gloves come with a built-in windproof/waterproof “lobster” cover:

Come see the whole LG lineup of clothing and snowshoes next Thursday at our STAY MOVING Clinic:


We sent Salsa a little message the other day:

and they responded:

I love my job.

Those guys are awesome. I think my favorite part is Eric’s lip (he’s the spiky one, second from left), but Bobby’s beard is pretty amazing, too.

I’ll be a monkey’s uncle if this isn’t the most delicious color to come out of Surly…

This has been the first time I might say buying a new frame just for the color is a legitimate “upgrade”.

The framesets are arriving in short supply, so if you’d like one, give us a call.

This is, without a doubt, the fastest comfort bike for miles and miles.

Well, the fastest one not manufangled together by some kook who bought a kit online (no offense, kooks). The new BionX systems are really well done – easy to install, impressive to ride. You can’t help but grin when you give it a go.

This one will find a nice home tomorrow, but we thought we should show it off today. We have a demo around (Thanks, Russ), so if you’re interested in an e-bike upgrade, come in and take a spin.

Our first shipment of Osprey Hydraulic packs arrived this week.

They are the smartest hydration packs on the market, in my humble opinion. I fell in love with a Raptor 6 earlier this year and couldn’t resist bringing them into the store.

Osprey has a legendary pedigree. The have been innovating in the outdoor pack market for overĀ 35 years. They know how to make a bag fit the body like few companies can. The weight of a full hydration pack can be unwieldy sometimes, especially if the bag isn’t fit well. Osprey incorporates a long list of systems into their hydration packs that make them comfortable and secure.

We are bring them in now because they are perfect for the coming season. They are ideal for snow-biking and snowshoeing – the two main focii of our STAY MOVING campaign.

Osprey also has a nice line of urban/daily use bags that we like, too.

Check them out: