Every Fall, as the post-Interbike bliss begins to fade, there is a rush of people looking for the “old” stuff that will soon be superseded by the “new” stuff. Sometimes it’s the color, sometimes it’s the spec, sometimes a little bit of column ‘A’ and a little bit of column ‘B’. This has become a time of year we especially enjoy because, as proud purveyors of “wierdo” bikes, we tend to have some of those bikes ready and waiting. We often joke that we should raise the prices as they get more and more rare, but we’re bike retailers, not bike collectors. We want to sell them… to you.

Exhibit A: The Fargo XT in Fun Guy Green. We have those.

This is an incredible bike that has been spec’d, re-spec’d and re-respec’d. Some people thought Salsa was off their rocker for releasing this build, but we thought it was brilliant. We have some demo’s left – Large and XL. Selling for a song, too.

Next up is the beautiful Salsa Casseroll – geared in Gold and single in Mustard (one of the most delicious colors to date).

Geared – We have a few sizes 51-59 – going for $1099.
Single – Brace yourselves – 45 and 47 for $599. Originally $900+.
We also have some Surly bikes of rare coloring:
Steamrollers in maroon – $569
And some now legendary LHT colors – Truckaccino in 52 and Olive in 42. $979.
We’re surprised any of these are still here. If you like what you see, call us – 815.758.2403.