October 2010

I know, I know… it seems like the Pugsley is the only bike we’ve been talking about lately. We can’t help it. They’re amazing. We built up the fleet for the sheer spectacle of seeing them all in one place. They’re mostly sold, but we have a few left for the floor.

We are frame-saving them in the assembly process so they are ready to go.

We have an 18″ and a 20″ left, so if you’re interested, call or come in soon.


We just received news that we will have access to the very (very) limited number of the Brooks/Vans collaborative Team Pro. This is a limited edition of 500 saddles in the world, with 200 being sold exclusively through Vans Stores and 300 through Supreme and Outstanding Brooks Dealers (that’s us).

The Vans shoes will be embossed with the same design and will be released in Vans Stores worldwide on Dec 1st.

The saddles will be available later this year for appx $320. If you are interested in one, please call and place a deposit asap. When we say limited, we mean it.


(photo credit: hypebeast.com)


And that is saying something. 

Today, gusts are up to 45-50mph. That kind of force flung Ari into a ditch this morning. If you know Ari, you know very few things can “fling” such a man. Wind like that can take off siding, push down a tree, and topple trucks. Last year, I learned firsthand what a “wind burst” looks like when 7th street turned into a wind tunnel, taking down telephone poles and tree limbs in a straight line.

I’ve wanted to write about wind for a while now. It’s a staple of our existence. It’s the heat to our desert. Every ride begins with “so, where’s the wind out of?” It’s always there, somewhere, and sometimes it’s hiding when you’re still in town. “It’s windy,” really means “It’s windier than normal”. When you hear “it’s pretty windy,” you know it’s going to be a hard ride. You determine your route by the cost and benefit of the wind’s energy. It’s a lesson every new rider learns early. You start out, you feel amazing!, then you turn around to realized your “buried in wind” without the juice to fight your way home.

We don’t have mountains, we don’t have hills, we have wind. It’s a rival and a riding partner, challenging you and daring you. I’ve heard it called “the mountain with no view.”

It sucks. It’s relentless. It’s impersonal.

Especially now that the corn is coming down – there is no relief out there. You face it until you turn around. It can change direction, but never in your favor. I usually take that personally. Wind can destabilize the front wheel of the most avid rider and make him wobble like a fresh newb in front of the whole group. It forces you to be a better rider just as a matter of survival. You think to yourself, “If I lose the wheel in front of me, I will not get it back.”

When I first started hearing about the wind farm in DeKalb, I remember thinking it was divine justice. Finally, we’re going to harness that beast and get something good out of it. I still think it’s brilliant. They’re visible just a mile out of town and you can generally bank on the fact that if you’re going the direction they’re pointed, you’re going the rightway (to start).

The redeeming factor is that it forces you to think and to work. If you go out mindless of the wind, you’ll pay for it. It’s a great feeling to toil for an hour and know that relief is coming at the next turn. Everyone sits up, takes a drink, and sails for minute. Well, that’s what I do.



Every Fall, as the post-Interbike bliss begins to fade, there is a rush of people looking for the “old” stuff that will soon be superseded by the “new” stuff. Sometimes it’s the color, sometimes it’s the spec, sometimes a little bit of column ‘A’ and a little bit of column ‘B’. This has become a time of year we especially enjoy because, as proud purveyors of “wierdo” bikes, we tend to have some of those bikes ready and waiting. We often joke that we should raise the prices as they get more and more rare, but we’re bike retailers, not bike collectors. We want to sell them… to you.

Exhibit A: The Fargo XT in Fun Guy Green. We have those.

This is an incredible bike that has been spec’d, re-spec’d and re-respec’d. Some people thought Salsa was off their rocker for releasing this build, but we thought it was brilliant. We have some demo’s left – Large and XL. Selling for a song, too.

Next up is the beautiful Salsa Casseroll – geared in Gold and single in Mustard (one of the most delicious colors to date).

Geared – We have a few sizes 51-59 – going for $1099.
Single – Brace yourselves – 45 and 47 for $599. Originally $900+.
We also have some Surly bikes of rare coloring:
Steamrollers in maroon – $569
And some now legendary LHT colors – Truckaccino in 52 and Olive in 42. $979.
We’re surprised any of these are still here. If you like what you see, call us – 815.758.2403.
We’re pumped about the new rides in our BMX basement. We’re seeing new stuff from MirraCo and Haro and everyone seems to be stepping it up this year. MirraCo’s new lineup is pretty impressive from their most basic Pre20 model to the pro level Black Pearl. Here are a few shots of the new bikes and the ever-evolving NCC BMX Basement.
Stay tuned for a new blog by Cheric (Chad and Eric) focusing on the NCC Basement, local riders, and new products.

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La nuit dernière était notre deuxièmes vin, fromage, chocolat et graisse annuels Ladies’ ; nuit dans le magasin de vélo. Nous avons eu une excellente assemblée et avons apprécié la soirée entière. Il était grand d’avoir tant de femmes dans le magasin posant des questions et finissant par connaître leurs vélos meilleurs. Merci beaucoup au NIU Women’ ; centre de ressource de s pour leur appui et promotion de l’événement.

Merci pour venir, dames.


Thanks for coming, ladies.

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