Surly blurted out more new info last week about their 2011 products and showed us the hot new look for the Pugsley:

The "Snowblind" Pugsley

We’re taking pre-orders on the new Pugsley now. Pre-orders? Yes, pre-orders, on a Surly – we learned our lesson with the Mukluk.

As you all know, the Salsa Mukluk was also released a few weeks ago and no one could have predicted how fast or how fiercely they would have sold out. We pre-ordered 4 and 2 are already sold. (We have a Large and XL avail for purchase)(in October). Salsa has reported that the entire first batch is claimed (the rumor is that for every bike they have arriving in October, they could have sold 3) and that in order to get a Mukluk, you have to wait until February.

The Pugsley is also due in October and is also coming in limited numbers. They are $1550 and we’ll get one reserved for you with $500 deposit. The deadline for pre-orders will be Sept 22nd.

If you have fitting questions, please give us a call or stop in. We have a few here in a couple sizes that you can try.

Call 815.758.2403 and we’ll get you going.