Transmogrify: To change into a different shape or to transform, often with bizarre or humorous effect.

We got first glimpse of some new goodies from Surly as pictures from Eurobike have landed on midwestern shores.
We’re excited. Surly’s been mum about details, but anyone with the ability to squint can see there’s been some changes.
First up – THE TROLL

The Surly Troll - Geared 26er with a doosy of a dropout.

That tail hanging off the back of the Troll is new Surly-born product as well. The brave engineerds up there continue to drive innovation into a dark corner with this new addition: a burly cargo trailer previously unavailable outside of custom utility circles. The hitch system looks unlike anything on the market and undoubtedly manages the burden brilliantly.

Custom cargo capability at mass-consumer pricing!

The new Steamroller has been done up nice, separating itself from the legions of skinny-tire ss/fg steel bikes on the market today. Surly Open Bars, wider tires, brakes, new color.
And behind it, you’ll see what might be the most beautiful Surly color to date. The new Crosscheck will be that perfect blue back there.

Surly Steamroller and Crosscheck coming up.

These pictures and more can be found at Singletrack World – we thank them profusely for their espionage. Click the link to see the new Pugsley, the new Rolling Darryl rim, and some new top tubes…