September 2010

The Hopkins Park Cyclocross T-shirts arrived today. They look great. Printed by VG Kids.

If you want one, I’d highly recommend calling or stopping by the shop before Saturday. They’ll be gone Sunday.


Bontrager released a new line of commuter gear for homo aspandexica – everyday non-lycra type folks. We had a chance to check some of the samples out and we’re impressed. The materials are comfy, the cuts are right, and the innovation is in there.

Front view of Commuter jacket – easily accommodates multiple chins…

Armpit view of commuter jacket

Knickers – a must have for legitimate bike dorks – who stand like this…

The Commuter Pant rolls up and snaps in place a reflective panel. smart.

The new Neck Gaiter comes in three colors - Bandit red...

... Babushka Green

... and Blacktrager.

Cool. Stuff.

Howdy. You may have noticed our website is currently out of commission.
Sorry for that – we’re working on it and should have it back up soon.

We did some rearranging ’round here. I thought it’d be a good time to remind everyone of some of the cool stuff we got. Some of it isn’t even new stuff, in fact, some of it here has been here a bewilderingly long time. Some of you who’ve never been here might see for the first time that having a full size run of Surly LHTs, CCs, and Salsa Casserolls, Vayas, and Fargos is an everyday kinda deal here.

New Ladies' Section

New CX section

We moved the mtn bikes to the main showroom. Storms' a comin...

All the commuter, road, and sport hybrid bikes moved...

Surly size runs... check.

Salsa Pistola. A bike for the ages...

Surly blurted out more new info last week about their 2011 products and showed us the hot new look for the Pugsley:

The "Snowblind" Pugsley

We’re taking pre-orders on the new Pugsley now. Pre-orders? Yes, pre-orders, on a Surly – we learned our lesson with the Mukluk.

As you all know, the Salsa Mukluk was also released a few weeks ago and no one could have predicted how fast or how fiercely they would have sold out. We pre-ordered 4 and 2 are already sold. (We have a Large and XL avail for purchase)(in October). Salsa has reported that the entire first batch is claimed (the rumor is that for every bike they have arriving in October, they could have sold 3) and that in order to get a Mukluk, you have to wait until February.

The Pugsley is also due in October and is also coming in limited numbers. They are $1550 and we’ll get one reserved for you with $500 deposit. The deadline for pre-orders will be Sept 22nd.

If you have fitting questions, please give us a call or stop in. We have a few here in a couple sizes that you can try.

Call 815.758.2403 and we’ll get you going.

The genios at  Portland Design Works have done it again.

The new Danger Zone light:

Two 1/2-watt LEDs = uh-huh power.

Consistent Packaging, too.

The Danger Zone has three modes, one of which cannot be described without using at least three symbols. !$@!

Also fresh from PDW is the Origami Fenders. The name Origami will not make sense until you see the packaging.

The Origami Fenders arrive flat.

The packaging is the fender. It’s brilliant! The hardware installs easily and the fender, once folded, snaps into the hardware to form a fantastic fender.

Great coverage, no weight, installs in a snap. (chortle)

Bravo PDWers.

We submitted this design for the 2010 CCC T-shirt contest. It’s pretty sweet, or at least we think so. If you agree, please feel free to vote for it here. It’s called “Cross Constellation”.

All of the contest entries are available for viewing here.

The winner of the contest will be announced at the Jackson Park race and the shirts will be available for purchase at REKLAIM when they are ready.

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