Last night was the last CC of the year and the second in a row to be ruined by a very precise downpour. It’s sunny at 4, sunny at 5:30, is that a cloud at 6?, 6:20 – it’s raining. And at 6:45? A bright sunset and 100 rainbows.

I have to wonder if God doesn’t have it in for the Custard Cruise, but I just can’t figure out why.

It’s a perfect idea. Perfect!

It’s family friendly and safe. It’s a short ride – attainable by even the most infrequent of riders. It’s a small independent business directly supporting another local independent business. It’s FREE! and it’s OLLIES!

This is the third year of attempting the event and we’re going back to the drawing board next season. An event with this formula (family+friends+bikes+FREE OLLIES) should attract legions. Somehow, though, we’re missing something. If you can help us figure that out, we’ll be happy to buy you some custard.