I thought I’d take a minute to clear up our current Group Ride schedule.

Believe it or not, organizing and sustaining a solid group ride is one of the trickiest parts on my job. It’s very hard to corral riders to be at the same place at the same time. Even if you do, it’s still a task to try and get everyone to understand each other. It requires an inordinate amount of communication.

But it is very, very worth it.

Riding with a group is an excellent way to expand the sport of cycling – even if you don’t compete. I’m speaking mostly about group road riding. Group rides help you excel as a rider in many ways. You become a better bike handler when riding with other people – as a matter of survival. Group riding is a good way to meet other riders of similar riding skill and interest. It is also a great way to test and increase your fitness.

Our goal in publicizing group rides is to grow the cycling community. We want riders to meet each other and inspire each other to ride more. Bring a helmet, bring a friend, and come on out.

Tuesday Nights – 5:15pm – 25-35 miles, 20mph avg. 

Tuesday nights attract avid road cyclists, most of whom are training for road racing or triathlon. The average speed when the ride is over is around 20mph, but that means the average speed is truly 22-24mph during the ride. Riders on this ride are accustomed to riding as a group and often work together in an echelon when the wind is up. (There is always wind in DeKalb). Typically the ride is “no drop” until the wind is at your back.

Thursday Nights – 5:15pm – 20mi, 17mph avg.

Thursday nights are road rides aimed at more casual or newer road riders. Experienced riders help newer riders learn the skills necessary to ride in a group. While this is not exactly a “No Drop” ride, there is an effort to keep the group together. It is more likely to have riders fall off the front of this group – which you are free to do if the pace is not to your liking.

Saturday Mornings – 7:30am – Whoever shows is how it goes

Saturday mornings are often a more relaxed ride, 18-25mi, with the occasional stop at Shaun’s Deli in Sycamore. There are days when the majority will vote for a longer, faster ride, but people will generally agree on a route and split up if they don’t.

Saturday Mornings – 9am – Ladies’ Road Ride w/ Emily

The Ladies Road Ride is hosted by Emily Anderson and is open to women riders of all skill levels. Come on out, ladies!