Resident Sawdust Philosopher Brian Van finished his construction and installation of some new display pillars for our kid’s bike section.

BVan is the jack-of-all-trades who has kept NCC going in many ways. When I stop and think about it, you’d find his fingerprints in almost every creative construction element on the premises. He’s also a brilliant rider from whom I’ve garnered a wealth of knowledge and lore. Thanks, Brian, for your continuous encouragement and service.

Author’s note: I never realized this, but Brian’s actually very wily when it comes to photographs. This is the “best” photo I could muster of him, and even this one was cropped to be a photo of just him. I don’t know if this is intentional, but maybe it is a result of his years as a professional photographer in the film days. I can imaging him saying something like “I prefer my image to be captured on film; a digital me is insufficient…”

Here are a few other examples of his ability to be ever-present but never in-focus: