The Daily Chronicle published an encouraging article about DeKalb’s need for more cycling friendly roads and pathways. The current trails and paths are a great start and we’re thankful for them, but more and more we’re seeing a need for increased maintenance and expansion of the trail system.

We truly feel DeKalb has great potential as a cycling community. We’re excited to see some attention paid to that end in the local media. We’re also interested in partnering up with other people, cyclists and non-cyclists, who’d like to see more paths created in the area. It’s vital that the focus is on connecting what already exists, as opposed to placing new segments of bike trail where there are none. Many of the existing trails lead to an intersection where cyclists have no other choice but to ride on roads. The Peace Road trail is an excellent resource for traveling from DeKalb to Sycamore, but the trail ends at Pleasant Street. The intersection lacks a crosswalk or crossing signals. Bike lanes along Pleasant would also be very helpful. The road is wide enough to accommodate them, at least until you hit 14th st.

The idea of taking the bike path coming out of Hopkins Park and expanding it along Rt. 23/Sycamore Rd to Bethany Road is a brilliant idea. That would make it so much easier to use your bicycle to complete more tasks and eliminate the need to drive there.

Bethany Road also needs a continuous pathway – or at least a continuous sidewalk. The YMCA should be a very bicycle friendly destination, but it is actually impossible to reach it without riding on the road. That’s a big bummer when you want to ride to the Y as a family.

We’re looking forward to the conversations that can stem from the article and the media attention. If you are interested in supporting the creation of more bike trails in the area, please let us know. And, while you’re at it, sign the People for Bikes pledge.