June 2010

It’s embarrassing, really. I just can’t resist. When it comes to buying bags and 700c tires, I am a maniac.

We just received a few new Pacific Outdoor Equipment bags today. Good stuff – welded waterproof fabrics that can take the abuse. We’ve got the COOP Cooler, the Boot Trunk, and a couple seatbag options. We’ve been waiting a long time for the right bike cooler and I think POE nailed it. It’s cavernous, waterproof, and easy to mount. Dig it.

more here: http://pacoutdoor.com/bike-gear




You learn something new every day.

Today we received some hot new FlyBikes grips that are packaged and sold individually. Why, you ask?

Eric, BMXpert, says: “When riding BMX with only a rear brake lever, you tend to wear out your left grip much quicker than the right. Selling them individually allows you to replace only the worn grip and save some cash. This also maximizes cool color combos!!”

There you go, ladies and gentlewhatnots. Straight from the guru’s mouth.

PS – Eric has a gross knuckle on his right hand. See? We still love him, though.

When I got back from vacation a few weeks ago, there was a mailing tube on my desk. The return address said “Andrew Hampsten, blah blah, Boulder, CO” It’s not every day you get mail from an American legend of cycling. Inside the tube was a kindly lettered and autographed poster of his heroic day on the Gavia in 1988. He went on to win that Giro that year and remains as the only American to win that Grand Tour in Italy.

The poster came as a gift from a good friend and customer named Alan Robinson who had the pleasure of riding one of Andy’s Cinghiale bike tours in Italy this spring.

We had it framed and it now hangs proudly for all to enjoy.

Thank you, Alan. Thank you, Andy Hampsten. We’re honored.

Our good friend and ex-NCC Crew member Phil Brown came in for a visit this weekend to attend a wedding and ride with us a few times. He left a legacy and raised the bar on what we expect from people who work for us. We miss having him around so it’s always a pleasure to have him back.

He showed up in a pinstripe suit today and fixed us some espresso this afternoon. Phil currently works at Salvagetti, a great shop with a ton of class in Denver, CO. Salvagetti is run by a good man named Scott who I had a chance to meld minds with at Frostbike this year.

It was so good, in fact, to have Phil back that we decided to keep him.

Scott, he’s staying with us. 

Civia has a lot of cool stuff in here.

Civia Linden

They came out of the gates with the best commuter bike in the world a few years ago and their line has continued to expand since then. We signed on with them before they even had bikes to sell us. We

Civia Midtown

believe they have a good thing going. I’ve been riding a “FrankenCivia” this year and I’m pretty enamored with it. I’ve got it set up as a single speed with a porteur rack and swept hbars.

We’re really excited about their newest additions – The Linden and Midtown.

Both bikes have something about them that is hard to explain. “It’s all in the angles,” Ari says. The design and geometry of the bikes add a great ride quality. The Linden is quick and stable, the Midtown is smooth and handles well even with cargo in the front basket.

These models fit in well with our other bikes, too. The Linden is our answer for people looking at the Trek models but want something sportier than the 7000 series but more comfortable than the FX series. The Midtown is a natural upgrade to the Navigator series. We see many customers looking to use their bikes for more than just pleasure riding and these are great solutions.

We also stock a handful of other Civia items. Their front racks are designed

Civia Loring and Loring Basket

well and look great. The Market Rack fits most rigid forks. They also have the Loring Basket and the ultra-simple Platform Rack.

Civia has a wide array of handlebar options and we stock a couple. The Colfax is a favorite here – nice sweep, good angles.

Civia currently has fender options from their Hyland (Aluminum, extra long) and Loring (flat, bamboo) models. They have some plastic fenders on the way.

Civia’s website is also a great resource for bike commuters everywhere. Check them out at www.civiacycles.com

I apologize for the lack of exciting updates on the ol’ Velograph Blog, here.
The Gravel Metric took quite a bit of time and attention over the last month. It was an incredible event, especially since we only had a month to promote it. We created the Gravel Metric Invitation video and it went viral on the internet, leading up to over 8,000 hits on Vimeo and YouTube. We had 50 people show up at the event and everyone would say they had a great time (once they recovered).

New Wall Art by EcoVelo

It’s been an exciting transition into summer here at NCC. We’ve been seeing a lot of new faces and it’s always rewarding to see returning faces as well. We’ve added some new bikes and products to the selection. I’ll be updating the blog in the coming days with some highlights of the new stuff.

Coming up this Monday is our first Custard Cruise of the summer. We meet at Hopkins Park and ride to Ollies and back. It’s a great family event. Meet at the bandshell at 6:30pm. Custard is on us. No helmet, no custard.

More soon.