February 2010

We needed a 52cm Vaya and Salsa was fresh out. The good people up there whipped up a custom build for us and shipped it as a whole box full of fun. Ari put it together and this is what came out. It’s gorgeous.

This is how this bike is supposed to roll!





forgive us, for we know not what we’ve done.

Another Frostbike, come and gone.

We’ve made the journey five times now and we’re never disappointed. This year we enjoyed a nice mix of product, people, and savvy. Bike conferences are only as much as you make them. You can go and drool over the goods, glad hand the vendors, awkwardly pilfer energy bars and stickers (c’mon, we’re grown men), and come away feeling like you wasted a weekend. We tend to use those expos as times to put faces to names and spend time with people that can teach us something we don’t know. I learn more from fellow dealers than I do from the seminars (and some of the seminars are great – see also Brett Fleming).

We spent some good time with our Colorado Contingent. iScott from Salvagetti’s and Jason from Pedal Pushers made my trip a great success, personally and professionally. It it weren’t for them, we would never have been able to figure out how to get from point A to point B and discover our B-A levels; that is unless, we just asked someone else or looked at a map or just stopped drinking. Regardless, they have fancy fones and that makes people like them. I kept trying to act like I was cool, too. People just looked at me with disdain and told me to get my camera out of my ear and stop caressing my mp3 player. moving on…

Eric tries to limber up after a long night on the pond

As always it was good to see the Surly fellows. We saw more of them than ever, really. We met all sorts of them. The “Trevor Treatment” was especially nice on Saturday night. He tore us away from our ninja stars to show us dark places with no people in them. It was really quite incredible. We learned the stupifying truth behind Salsa Flip-Offs and we’ll never buy anything else ever again. They’re assembled right here in the USA by whoever gets caught not working.

Salsa Skewers are nuts.

Salsa skewers are nuts

I really failed to take pictures this year. Mostly because of my ongoing coux with the iphone I don’t own. Even though I don’t have visual proof, we met with some other great people and saw some other great stuff.

Salsa Cycles is off and rolling with their new identity: Adventure by Bike. We’re excited to be partners with them. Their direction if quite congruent with ours. Their new racks are smart and have a solid place in the market. Expect more in the store.

Bravo to Continental, Chub hubs, Cane Creek, and Pacific Outdoor Equipement. New Time Iclic and AllRoad pedals will be available at NCC this year, too, along with eyewear from Optice Nerve, new Cateye computers, and new products from Portland Design Works.

We were impressed with all of these guys – they had the right people in their booths with good product knowledge and effective people skills. We were surprised by some other booths with great brand recognition totally fail at those aforementioned qualities, but we won’t name names (we will, however, name nick:names: Bullsnake).

Thank you, QBP, for a good time and a bunch of free goods. You’ve bought our love and patronage for another year.


The new Trek Belleville arrived last week. We’ve been waiting for it since we saw it last summer at Trek World.

The concept of the bike is based on the old french porteur style bikes and  Trek’s ECO philosophy drove some innovative changes in the production process. The bike was designed to have significantly less environmental impact in its production, use, and “after-life”. Interesting stuff.

Dynamo lights front and rear, racks, fenders, and one-piece stem/bar make it a killer package for $600.

The Trek Atwood models are an ECO version of the FX series with a similar look to the Belleville. Those arrived today and should be built up soon.


The new Salsa Vaya is here.

The official opening for the Kara Ginther Saddle:Works Exhibit is tomorrow night from 6:30pm-8:30pm.  

Kara sent me a preview of a few of the new saddles debuting at the exhibit:

See you there.


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