We just received our long-awaited arrival of new Pugsley frames.

They went back to the drawing board (which for Surly, is a slab of concrete where they draw with (lit) charcoal briquets) with the Pugsley and made a few changes. We’re excited to get them in and get them out. Come get one.

The color is something. Surly, depending where you look, calls it Split Pea Green or Grampa’s Jammies. Both are close. We know Surly makes it a point to bust all trends with its color choices, but this is the new champion for unique bicycles colors. Both of my mechanics are color-blind, which left me with the difficult task of describing this color using other colors – a difficult task. Brown family? Yellow based? Inbred Green relative? Other names that come to mind are Bung Khaki, Vomit Comet, Pugly, and Harvest… something.

We also received a pair of Larry tires for G. Sherck’s Pugsley project. Nice tires.

The new Pacer complete is a smart bike. We’ve been fans of the Pacer for years and I think having a stock complete will help spread the love. The complete comes with Salsa Short and Shallow bars (nice bars) and 700×28 Conti tires (nice tires). We added the Brooks Pro and brown tape to finish it off (makin it nice).

Nice stuff.