North Central Cyclery is proud to announce an exhibit of the exquisite work of artist Kara Ginther opening February 6th, 2010. The exhibition will include an array of custom carved leather Brooks bicycle saddles and a few other rare Brooks Saddles owned by North Central Cyclery.

Kara Ginther is a leather artisan based in Madison, WI and while her work has been widely shown on popular cycling and bike culture websites, this will be the first physical exhibition centered on her saddles since she began carving them a few years ago. The exhibit will include 2 saddles from Ginther’s Mobile Museum of Material Culture, a tandem bicycle modified to be a mobile art exhibit. Also on display will be a few never-before-seen saddleworks Kara has been working on this winter. One saddle is being commissioned by NCC specifically for the exhibit.

Kara Ginther studied textile design at the University of Wisconsin and her work was born from a love of all things vintage. Much of her creative process stems from that inspiration. Her embellishments to Brooks Saddles add to their beauty without diminishing their purpose.

Along with Kara’s saddles, we’ll be displaying our tidy collection of rare Brooks saddles as well. We have

 the White Swallow, the Shaggy B17, A Bicycle Fim Festical Green Swallow, an Alpe de Huez Team Pro (designed by Dan Funderburgh), and the brand new White Team Pro.

The exhibit will be at NCC until the 13th and can be viewed during our normal store hours. The exhibit will then be packed up and sent to Denver where it will be on display at Salvagetti’s Bicycle Workshop and then on to our friends at Topanga Creek Bicycles in LA.

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Our Opening Night will be Saturday, Feb 6th at 6:30pm. Wine and cheese will be provided… and it would be safe to assume there will be some New Glarus there, too.

If you have any questions regarding the event, please feel free to call us at 815.758.2403 or email