For the second year in a row, the kind people at Brooks have bestowed on us one of their Dealers of Excellence awards. The award this year was a B17 standard saddle with the fur intact.

The “Shaggy” B17 is number 57 out of the 100 in the world and fewer than 50 saddles were awarded in the United States. It’s somewhat comical to visit Brooks’ Stockists page and see DeKalb listed alongside the greater bike meccas of the world: Portland, LA, Sacramento, Denver, Davis, and more. The award is not so much a sales award as it is an award of congruence. Brooks recognizes the dealers who are, in their own words, “[their] best ambassadors.”

We can’t take full credit for the award, though. We really owe it to all the folks who believed us when we promised that the saddles would break in and the people who still choose to invest good money in well-made products designed to last. Thank you.

For more pics, check out our Flickr set.

And stay tuned, Brooks fans, because NCC has a special event coming up February 6th, 2010  that will need to be etched in your calendar.  Full disclosure coming soon…