The Eddington Big Dummy Project deserves a post of its own. We can take very little credit for the spec on this bike, as it was mostly chosen before it was presented to us. Janice has excellent taste in components.

The red Rohloff came straight from Germany for this project. We matched the anodized red with a King front hub, King Headset, Crank Bros 50/50 Pedals, Salsa Skewers and Seat Clamp. The rest of the bike was black. The hbar is a Nitto Dove, over which we sewed black calfskin. Janice later added the XtraCycle Peapod which blacked out the rest of the longtail and made room for the whole family. It was quite a beast.

The Rohloff system has been written about online ad nauseam, so I won’t ramble on about the technology. It’s incredible.

Check out this video for a look inside the hub.