The blog has been idle for the last week because I was on a very important recon mission in California Wine Country and Topanga Canyon. I’ll dedicate a post or two to the trip, but I will summarize with these two statements:

Topanga Creek Bicycles + North Central Cyclery = BFF

Trek Travel is everything they boast it to be… and more.

I am back at the shop and have a stockpile of posts to get out. If you don’t RSS the blog, you may want to start now.

Before I left, we finished an incredible build that will deserve a post of it’s own: A Surly Big Dummy with Rohloff Speedhub, handbuilt wheels, custom sewn leather bar covering, and other tasty bits from Salsa, Nitto, Chris King, and Surly.

While I was gone, the Slender Fungus movement began and is now in full swing. Weekly blends (mixed terrain rides) on Wednesdays and Sundays covering big miles. Ari, Russ, and Rich are the steadfasts, with other characters spotting the attendance. Ari explains Slender Fungus ethic on his blog here. Rich’s here. Be prepared, scouts.

The shop is humming with change. We’re working on some special renovations, physical and metaphysical, to launch in the new year. Stay tuned and stop in.

Stay movin.