November 2009

Rusty inspects the LG neck warmer, hat, Enerblock jacket, T-cover, and Tornado gloves - all at once.

Rusty inspect the merchandise.

We recently made “arrangements” to become deeelers of the Louis Garneau product lines. If you don’t know what it takes for a bike shop to become an authorized dealer of such-and-such brands, let me tell you, it can be an experience. It has to do with all sorts of forms, background checks, strangers with  collapsable showcases of ruffled clothing telling you what women really want to buy next year and sometimes we get free socks. Our experience getting started with LG was scary good and a welcome change to the typical runaround. After a generic email to their website, I was impressed by a series of reps doing their jobs really well.

All that being said, the product is now in the store. Mostly winter stuff. Now’s the time to get it, yaknow. (those bozos are calling for snow tonight…)

LG makes a dizzying array of clothing and they have a nice selection of winter gear. We brought in some toasty jerseys, jackets, a boatload of gloves and assorted shoe covers. The T-Covers are slick little toe covers that are perfect for those days that are too cold for toe warmers but not cold enough to merit the ol booties. i am a nerd…

Here’s a test to see if anyone actually reads this blog. If you come in this weekend (Fri or Sat) and buy a LG product, mention this post to get 10% off and a free NCC mug.


For the second year in a row, the kind people at Brooks have bestowed on us one of their Dealers of Excellence awards. The award this year was a B17 standard saddle with the fur intact.

The “Shaggy” B17 is number 57 out of the 100 in the world and fewer than 50 saddles were awarded in the United States. It’s somewhat comical to visit Brooks’ Stockists page and see DeKalb listed alongside the greater bike meccas of the world: Portland, LA, Sacramento, Denver, Davis, and more. The award is not so much a sales award as it is an award of congruence. Brooks recognizes the dealers who are, in their own words, “[their] best ambassadors.”

We can’t take full credit for the award, though. We really owe it to all the folks who believed us when we promised that the saddles would break in and the people who still choose to invest good money in well-made products designed to last. Thank you.

For more pics, check out our Flickr set.

And stay tuned, Brooks fans, because NCC has a special event coming up February 6th, 2010  that will need to be etched in your calendar.  Full disclosure coming soon…

The Eddington Big Dummy Project deserves a post of its own. We can take very little credit for the spec on this bike, as it was mostly chosen before it was presented to us. Janice has excellent taste in components.

The red Rohloff came straight from Germany for this project. We matched the anodized red with a King front hub, King Headset, Crank Bros 50/50 Pedals, Salsa Skewers and Seat Clamp. The rest of the bike was black. The hbar is a Nitto Dove, over which we sewed black calfskin. Janice later added the XtraCycle Peapod which blacked out the rest of the longtail and made room for the whole family. It was quite a beast.

The Rohloff system has been written about online ad nauseam, so I won’t ramble on about the technology. It’s incredible.

Check out this video for a look inside the hub.



The blog has been idle for the last week because I was on a very important recon mission in California Wine Country and Topanga Canyon. I’ll dedicate a post or two to the trip, but I will summarize with these two statements:

Topanga Creek Bicycles + North Central Cyclery = BFF

Trek Travel is everything they boast it to be… and more.

I am back at the shop and have a stockpile of posts to get out. If you don’t RSS the blog, you may want to start now.

Before I left, we finished an incredible build that will deserve a post of it’s own: A Surly Big Dummy with Rohloff Speedhub, handbuilt wheels, custom sewn leather bar covering, and other tasty bits from Salsa, Nitto, Chris King, and Surly.

While I was gone, the Slender Fungus movement began and is now in full swing. Weekly blends (mixed terrain rides) on Wednesdays and Sundays covering big miles. Ari, Russ, and Rich are the steadfasts, with other characters spotting the attendance. Ari explains Slender Fungus ethic on his blog here. Rich’s here. Be prepared, scouts.

The shop is humming with change. We’re working on some special renovations, physical and metaphysical, to launch in the new year. Stay tuned and stop in.

Stay movin.