October 2009

It seems we’ve skipped all the pretty parts of Autumn and slid into that bleak and ugly pre-winter, post-fall season that has none of the benefits of either season. And yet, there is action.

We’ve had a handful of very fun and very intricate projects present themselves to us over the last month and we’re working on those as the components arrive. Stay tuned for updates on those.

Ari and Russ have been rejoicing (like the madmen they are) for the early and frosty evenings with almost nightly mutant rides on gravel and road. Ari will take any excuse to bundle up to the eyeballs and expirement with at least 4 light systems at a time. This is his element.

We’re still seeing a nice flow of new goods come in. Here’s a smattering:


It’s all a blur at this point. The Hopkins Cross Cup race has come and gone again. We had a truly stunning turnout of racers and spectators.

that's a lotta people

that's a lotta people


A good chunk of the fun was out of the way even before Sunday, too. Spending a couple days in my new muck boots, walking around Hopkins, marking the course, staking the course, taping the course, all with the great help and comedy that comes with my staff and the Half Acre crew was a reward I hadn’t anticipated. And the Pag’s pizza we had afterwards… let me tell you. They say hunger is the best spice, but some other good spices are 5 hours of misting rain, walking in heavy rubber boots, 3 miles of caution tape, and a really overworked cook taking his SWEET TIME on our pies. All that led to the best pizza i’ve ever tasted.

NCC and HAC BYOB at Pag's

NCC and HAC BYOB at Pag's

Those Half Acre people are top notch folks. We couldn’t have done the race without them the last two years. Thanks again, all, for your hard work, your computer savvy, your baked goods, and your comforting shade of blue.

The course was fun, if I don’t say so myself. There were a few points in the race where I actually apologized to the guys around me for making the course just so. Especially the barriers in the woods…

Everyone we saw on the course looked like they were having a good time, that or having a heart attack. Either way, we took it as a compliment.

heart attack? no, killer finish.

For a bunch more pics, click here.
Thanks to all our incredibly generous sponsors: Trek, Surly, Salsa, Schwalbe, Twin Six, Yojimbo’s Garage, and Hammer Nutrition.

DeKalb is in for a veritable cyclocross stampede on Sunday. crossrace2

We have over 300 racers pre-registered for the Hopkins Park race.

Race-Day Registration opens at 8:30am for the rest of you. The 4A race is full. The 4B race has 22 spots left. Be there early.

Course Briefing: 

The course is long, really long, and pretty fast. There are sections through old oak trees with surface level roots so those of you with clinchers should beware. The finish is pretty fast, but getting close to it will be slow. I’d also say a fifth of the course is off-camber. It’s going to be fun…