As daylight rapidly fades, we’re talking more and more about lights around here. There are so many lights to choose from that it gets dizzying to have too many options. We’ve been stocking a range of LED options from $25-99 for a while, and now we have a dyno option in stock. Dynos are a great option for the commuting cyclist riding through the seasons. No batteries, no hassle. It’s on, and it’s on.

Ari and I (finally) put together an economical dyno kit. He laced a Shimano dyno into a Salsa Delgado Cross rim and connected the Shimano LP-R600 headlight. The built wheel and light package is $239, $250 with a Schwalbe Advancer tire and Schwalbe tube.

We even have an “interactive” (cutting edge, really) display. Come in and give it a spin.