September 2009

As daylight rapidly fades, we’re talking more and more about lights around here. There are so many lights to choose from that it gets dizzying to have too many options. We’ve been stocking a range of LED options from $25-99 for a while, and now we have a dyno option in stock. Dynos are a great option for the commuting cyclist riding through the seasons. No batteries, no hassle. It’s on, and it’s on.

Ari and I (finally) put together an economical dyno kit. He laced a Shimano dyno into a Salsa Delgado Cross rim and connected the Shimano LP-R600 headlight. The built wheel and light package is $239, $250 with a Schwalbe Advancer tire and Schwalbe tube.

We even have an “interactive” (cutting edge, really) display. Come in and give it a spin.



Last week we hosted a Ladies’ Night Bike Clinic in coordination with the NIU Women’s Resource Center.

We had a great turnout. We had set out a nice spread of wine, cheese, and chocolate which was perfectly consumed by the end of the night. We did the clinic in our round-robin style with 3 stations: Wheels & Tires, Brakes, and Gears. The groups were small enough to answer all the questions and we appreciated eveyrone’s willingness to ask.

Thanks to all the attendees, the WRC for the opportunity, and my wife, who shocked us all by helping all of our customers that night (I think my employees were worried about their job security) (and they should be).

Check out photos here, and here, and press here

Some people read tea leaves. Some people read coffee grounds. I read the grass clippings clinging to the side of my bathtub; and you know what they say?

Cross Season is upon us.

We’re getting a bunch of stuff ready for our Hopkins Park Cross Cup Race coming up Oct. 4th. It’s gonna be a blast.

New sludge boots are on order for the whole crew.

Limited Edition Hopkins Park CC Tees are on order. These aren’t the final colors, but let us know if you want one.



and our cowbells have arrived.

cbells 002