August 2009

It feels really weird to put Surly stuff on sale, but here goes.We’ve had 3 days of cold rain and it’s put me in a November mood, so here are some November prices.

We have a handful of framesets, complete bikes, and even some knickknacks marked down.

Sale Sheet:

All instock framesets: $320 – LHTs, CCs, SRs, and KMs available.

Surly hardgoods and softgoods instock – 19% off.

We’re blowing out the 1×1=11 Rat Rides at 1/2 price. All sizes available.

rat ride 002

Big Dummies are also marked down to $1899 COMPLETE.These prices do not include shipping.



Get’em while they’re hot.

Shipping is available for all products. Call 815.758.2403 for more information. Ask for Gabe.  

Fine print: Sale ends 10.1.09. No returns on shipped merchandise.


Enter the 1×1=11.

This is Surly’s Eleven Year Anniversary bike, embellished, slightly.


I could try and expound on the experience of riding this bike, but I won’t. It’s just a really yeah ridin bicycle. We have this one in the shop for everyone to play with, so come and take it for a spin. The stock wheels are 24×3, but it’s a regular 1×1 frame so the normal 26″ clearance applies. We set this one up with 26×2.7 tires, so you can see it’s really just a rad singlespeed in disguise.

Every year in August, Trek invites a number of dealers up to Madison for the unveiling of their new product and programs. We’ve had the pleasure of visiting “Trek World” for the last 4 years and it’s always stunning. They earn their place at the top of the American bicycle industry. They are a smart company that works incredibly hard to make their dealers do well; and I’m not just saying that because they gave us free beer. \

We like Trek. Many people can stand back with their arms crossed and say something jabby about them. It’s easy, they’re winning. We as a shop are not always fond of big bike biz bikes, but I will say that Trek works hard for our business, and we sell them because they are great bikes. Trek makes a bike for almost anyone, and that is what keeps us in business. They also make a little shop like us very solid because they offer us resources that would have otherwise been totally unattainable with our budget.

This year’s new product was pretty impressive, and the new stuff dovetails well into our store. We like creativity, utility, and overall value. The new Eco line (Belleville and Atwood models) are an excellent addition to the Trek brand and our selection in DeKalb. The Belleville comes stock with a 4130 steel frame, rack, fenders, internal 3spd, and dynamo lights – all for $599 – watch out. The Atwood is stripped down with more gears for $499. Impressive.

Trek expanded the District line with 4 new models. The carbon version is ridiculous. $4k for a ss belt drive bike. We’ll probably only sell a dozen or so. shea.

The buzz all over the world (or lack of buzz) is electric and electric assist bikes. Trek is on top of it in Europe, but stateside the demand is not so high. They released 3 models with E-Assist that are pricey, but impressive. The assist gives back what you put in and is surprisingly smooth.

I can’t cover all the new stuff, but I mention 2 more things about the new Fisher stuff. The new road bikes look great and are FINALLY coming with enough clearance for 28c tires and skinny fenders. Even the carbon frames come with a detachable fender eyelet. The other hit was the new Gritty model. It’s the bike that answers the rising demand for grownup BMX bikes – stocky, BMX parts, FG/SS, with extra beef.

And, Trek, thanks for the beer.





It’s almost time for Surly to release their new colors for 201oish, so we’re going to take a shot at guessing what color they’re going to release for the Long Haul Trucker.

We’ve put our color guesses on a poll below. Vote for our picks or submit your own. In true Surly fashion, you need a ridiculous descriptor for the color for it to be considered a decent submission. If you happen to pick the right color, we will get you a prize –  I promise.

Sunday, August 2nd was the inaugural Eleventy ride to New Glarus, WI.

It was amazing. 11o miles into the rolling hills of southern Wisconsin. We had great navigators and had the immense pleasure of riding back on a school bus specifically designed to accomodate a bike club. It could not have been a better day.

Many thanks to all the riders and especially to C. Higgins, T. James, and J.Nevdal for their time, energy, hospitality, sandwiches, and school bus.