New Stuff:

Grand Trunk Travel Hammocks are in. Super light and Super durable hammocks made of recycled parachute material. They’re a great companion for any touring cyclist or avid outdoorsperson.

The blue beast is Ari’s custom-painted Surly Steamroller he built up with a carbon fork for some gravel masochism.

Salsa A La Carte – brought in special, and special it is.

Civia Loring – it’s more beautiful in person and rides like a dream. Also Civia related – the Hyland price was drastically reduced to $1675 and is also now available in a drop bar version. For more, see Civia’s page.

We have a new chalkboard that’s been used for a daily update of new products, wind direction, and Tour updates. It’s also a good place for DeKalb area bike maps.

New Ideas:

In my subterranean life as a bookbinder, I am always looking for ways to bring books and leather working into my job at the bike shop. This is a prototype for a ride journal I am working on. I want to make something that can withstand the abuses of avid riders but still carry a hint of class.

I have also made a batch of leather “dingpads” for a number of people recently. I glue a few layers of thick leather, matched to their color of Brooks (of course), stamp it with whatever they want and sew it on. Works well. The last one was a full TT protector of leather pressed to look like elephant skin. burly.

and then the pitch… IRC tires are all 25% off.