July 2009

It’s been a busy week at the shop. It’s refreshing. We’ve come to understand our season was delayed by various external forces and now we’re seeing the steady season traffic we were expecting months ago – despite a relatively frigid July.

We picked up a couple of NOS Gary Fisher Ferrous MTBs this week and we are pretty stunned. There is a ton of goodness in that bike. The eccentric bottom bracket and SS derailleur(less) hanger make it a snap to convert to singlespeed, but the stock drivetrain is no slouch. Made in the USA, OX Platinum Steel – originally $1799, we gottem moving at $997.97.

Fisher Ferroushous

We also had a few other dreambikes roll out of the store this week:



The elegant Eddington edition Steamroller.

The elegant Eddington edition Steamroller.

S. Smith Fargo - this bike is going to take over the world... soon.

S. Smith Fargo - this bike is going to take over the world... soon.



Most people don’t know, but we have a sweet dungeon filled with BMX stuff.

We’ve introduced a few new brands of BMX bikes and gear over the last year including Eastern, Stolen, Sunday, Flybikes, as well as the classic Haro, Primo, Odyssey, and Premium products.

Just so you know…

BMX 008

Our Summer BMX Sale includes 10% off Eastern Bikes, 10% off Haro Forums, and 20% off parts upgrades on complete bikes. Dig it.

New Stuff:

Grand Trunk Travel Hammocks are in. Super light and Super durable hammocks made of recycled parachute material. They’re a great companion for any touring cyclist or avid outdoorsperson.

The blue beast is Ari’s custom-painted Surly Steamroller he built up with a carbon fork for some gravel masochism.

Salsa A La Carte – brought in special, and special it is.

Civia Loring – it’s more beautiful in person and rides like a dream. Also Civia related – the Hyland price was drastically reduced to $1675 and is also now available in a drop bar version. For more, see Civia’s page.

We have a new chalkboard that’s been used for a daily update of new products, wind direction, and Tour updates. It’s also a good place for DeKalb area bike maps.

New Ideas:

In my subterranean life as a bookbinder, I am always looking for ways to bring books and leather working into my job at the bike shop. This is a prototype for a ride journal I am working on. I want to make something that can withstand the abuses of avid riders but still carry a hint of class.

I have also made a batch of leather “dingpads” for a number of people recently. I glue a few layers of thick leather, matched to their color of Brooks (of course), stamp it with whatever they want and sew it on. Works well. The last one¬†was a full TT protector of leather pressed to look like elephant skin. burly.

and then the pitch… IRC tires are all 25% off.