June 2009

As you may know, we enjoy pushing Surly bikes on just about anyone. The nice thing about being known for this is that people have started coming in looking for them. We have a number of their models, but the Long Haul Trucker is our best seller far and away.

In the last few weeks, we’ve helped a few people get set up on LHTs and I thought it would be neat to share how one bike can be so versatile.

This first LHT was built up with STI Levers and 700×28 Vittoria Randonneur tires for a snappier road feel. He also opted for a 50t Salsa chainring for his big ring – what a monster. He has since added Surly Nice Racks front and back and is planning a little 750mi trip later this month.

C. Higgins Speedy LHT

C. Higgins Speedy LHT

The next Trucker we sold was built up as a no-joke touring rig. Surly Nice Racks front and back, Brooks Saddle, Arkel Bags and everything. Sr. Miller is planning a trip northward in the coming months. 

S. Miller LHT

S. Miller LHT

This last one is close to our house “Edmund LHT” Build. This is J.Ratner’s first “big kid bike.” I would argue it’s even a gentle man’s bike.  We have a nice city bar on there that brings the cockpit up and back. We put Paul Thumbies on there to keep the shifters close, too. It’s a nice build – Elegant and Efficient.

J Ratner Big Kid LHT

J Ratner Big Kid LHT

I own this same bike, too. I have mine built up as a drop-bar bulldozer. It has a custom porteur rack on the front that can haul just about anything. I am currently testing the Civia alloy fenders and Rivendell Jack Brown tires…  and some local wine…

MePauw LHT

MePauw LHT



The Custard Cruise is a family ride we’ve been hosting and promoting for almost 2 years now. We do it once a month over the summer months and have played with a few different days and times to try and make it accessible to families with children of all ages. We had a new record for our little ride last Monday.

We meet at the Hopkin’s Park Bandshell and ride to Ollies along the Nature Trail and Greenwood Acres. It’s a short easy ride with a sweet reward. Ollies Custard is the best in town and we pick up the tab for the group.

We blatantly stole the idea from Tomias and the good people at Genesis Bicycles in Easton, PA. Tomias is a good friend of NCC and has been growing his ride for many years now.

Thanks to everyone for coming out. The next one is scheduled for Monday, July 27th at 6:30pm. See you there.

This weekend was the annual MS150 Tour de Farms. Every year we go out and support the ride at various rest stops and keep the riders rolling through whatever problems they may have.

We stayed open until 8pm on Friday night to help riders coming into town who may have forgotten anything. We made it fun by grilling out and relaxing at the bar.

Saturday morning was horribly cold and wet. We were at the rest stop by 6:30 and did nothing but shiver until 9. The ride start was postponed until 11, so we didn’t help anybody.

6.16 004


Then we took a nap in the car.


We had to go open the store at 10 so we packed up our wet gear and were met by a herd of people cleaning out our inventory of arm warmers, leg warmers, rain jackets and gloves.

Sunday morning turned out to be beautiful and Ari and Jay had a much more enjoyable time avoiding poison ivy and mud puddles in Adie’s Woods.

6.16 007

Ari had a chance to meet with old friends and new friends, and Jay stayed sexy for another day.

6.16 014


We had a box of Chris King arrive today. New Sotto Voce NoThreadSets, tees, and caps. mmhmmm.