If you’ve ever spent more than 3 minutes with Ari here in the shop, you’ve heard him say “We make it nice…” in his unique Greek/Argentine/Jersey/I married an Italian accent.  

It’s a catchy motto and sums up Ari’s casual yet fiercely intentional commitment to quality. We complement each other well since I am intentional and fiercely casual.
We did some rearranging and created an enticing and warm display for our beloved Brooks products. We had upgraded our Civia display and had the box in the basement. It was built from scrap material we had lying around. It looked pretty great actually, so Russ and Evan sanded and stained the underside and voila!
5.15.09 009


In other news, we’ve had some recent trouble with our shop’s rubber band ball. In the life of a bike shop, you’re bound to have some bandball issues, but this comes at a hard time for us.

It started with a few droppings here and there. The ball rests above my desk and I would occasionally notice a pit or a pat from a shred of dried rubber landing nearby. I didn’t think much of it. Bandball is 5 years old now, which is a common age to see some signs of rebellion.

Then we noticed the ongoing lack of personal hygeine.

Bandball started to look a little shaggy and careless with his presentation.

5.15.09 002

We noticed he was taking more frequent work breaks, stepping out for calls, constantly suggesting we listen to Jaydiohead, backwards, and eating all the energy bars.

We’re hoping it’s just a phase.