The new Knog N.E.R.D. Computers arrived yesterday.

They’re just as delicious as their cousins the Frogs. I seriously have a problem not tossing these into my mouth like chewing gum. These have a massive touch-screen and the numbers scroll up or down when you accelerate or decelerate. They aren’t super easy to program, but it’s not too bad; especially if you cheat and check with Mr. Brown first to get the right wheel circumference.

It was a bummer that they didn’t come out with the proposed reverse screen, which I thought was umpteen times hotter:

Apparently this is what everyone expected, not just us. When we opened the box, giggling like children, we were sad to see a normal screen staring at us. Even our distributor was surprised.

ah well, they’re still sweet looking and you can change modes by tapping the screen. Use your finger, your face, whatever. No more lil buttons – just whap!

Cyclists side note (semi-related): if you ever listen to your iPod while wearing gloves, you can navigate the gadget using your tongue.