March 2009

In case you were wondering what a spectacularly busy day looks like here at North Central Cyclery, we offer you this glimpse:

Lunchtime, courtesy of Russ' sweet mother.

Last Saturday was one for the record books, but, by pure grace, we had 25 minutes of peace for a wonderful lunch together. It was uncanny. On most busy Saturdays we have a hard time eating lunch at all. After the pause, the action didn’t cease until almost 5pm. Philbilly was in town for the weekend, and we roped him into working his tail off (it’s the only way he works, really).
It was a great day. Thank you to everyone who came in and rode away. We greatly appreciate your business.

M. Mentink has delivered her first batch of fine cycling caps at NCC.

Get them while they’re hot. 

While my last post was all text, this one will be 98% pictures. Enjoy


OK. It’s quittin time on Saturday and the blog’s been neglected all week. We’ve been busy moving and shaking things up in here. We’re always trying to keep things fresh, and refreshing things so often can get pretty exhausting.

I’ll get pics up soon, but I thought I’d get some bullet points out there:

 + The Salsas have landed. Casserolls and Fargos are on the floor.          

 + Some test frames are in the hands of a new powdercoater. We’ll let  you know how they look when they get back.

 + The ride this morning was a mini-epic. The temp dropped a good ten degrees after the rain started to fall. We got soaked to the bone, but we’re manlier for it.

 + Our White Brooks Swallow has a new home. Although not finished yet, the case is giving it the glory it deserves. Visuals to follow.

 + yep. That’s all. Have a good weekend.