February 2009

The days have been full – world domination ain’t easy. I am going to condense the last 10 days into this post and try not to bore anyone to tears. Don’t worry, there will be many pictures for you ADD folks (who, according to my website analytics, are the ONLY ones that read this blog).

Last weekend, Ari, Jay, and I went up to MPLS to attend Frostbike, the yearly product seduction hosted by QBP. Our shop, as a whole, has flaming man-crush on QBP – they are an inspirational company in many ways. They also house some incredible brands, Surly, Civia, and Salsa among them. After a day of seminars on Friday, we had the pleasure of visiting the One on One Studio for a plastic pint. That place, jeez…

The Centaur and Jaylbait at One on One.

The Centaur and Jaylbait at One on One. Nice necklaces, boys.


It was good to reach out and touch face with the Surly guys. I would include a picture, but those giraffes are too tall for the rangefinder on my camera.

We also had a great time talking with PJ and Scott from Civia. They have some good plans for their company, and we are pretty humbled to be a part of it. PJ has a salt n pepper beard and Scott speaks German; highly trustworthy traits.

One of the missions we had in going to Frostbike was to talk with Salsa and see about bringing their bikes in at NCC. A few of us have owned or own a Salsa, and their bikes are always top notch. Their road, city, and cross bikes will give our visitors some delicious choices to consider this spring. Stay tuned for new arrivals soon.

You can read Ari’s frostbike rant here, if you so desire.

Now, on to the new stuff.

First off, we got new stools; further proving that NCC is not a place to go, but the place to be. I work here, and not even I can resist these stools. You have to sit down. And, if you ask nicely, espresso will present itself before you. It’s an amazing process. I have a feeling that once the weather breaks, it will be tough to find one of these stools without cheeks on it.

Here's your espresso, good sir.

Here's your espresso, good sir.

The lucky owner of this bike is B. Wells. I think he’ll be pretty wells now that he owns this puppy. New Surly Creamroller, Teak Deep-Vs, Honey B17, Salsa tape – Built with love and lubricated with drool, no lie.

Surly Steamroller for Sr. B. Wells.

Surly Steamroller for Sr. B. Wells.

We restocked some Brooks saddles this week. It’s like taking a deep breath, every time you see this section.

The Brooks Corner.

The Brooks Corner.

Back in stock: Green B17 Special, Honey B17 Standard, Black B17-S Standard, Pre-Aged B17.

New Arrival: Brooks Team Pro Classic – Honey. 

Brooks Team Pro Classic

Brooks Team Pro Classic



My custom porteur rack from Rack n Roll arrived today.

Dan was an absolute gentleman to work with and I have a feeling this is the start of a beautiful relationship.

Fits the LHT like a glove, adds two wbc mounts and eyelets for lights on both sides. The fender fit snugly underneath, too.

Now, everyone, go order from Dan here.

I have been meaning to post a pic of this routing for a while.

We are big fans of Paul Thumbie mounts for bar-end shifters, but when you try to mount those alongside either bar-top brake levers or a handlebar bag bracket, it can get pretty crowded.

For the Bensonmobiles, (LHTs) I routed the cables throught the Arkel bracket to keep the lines free of kinks and corners.

Jay teaching the art of stopping.

Jay "Yes, this IS a Rapha cap" Barre teaches the art of stopping.

Last night we hosted a little mechanic’s clinic.

We have a few of these each year to make sure people stay very afraid of their bikes and never try to fix anything themselves; therefore securing our jobs for another few months.

Our goal, really, is to demystify bicycles as much as possible.

We tried a different format last night. We had three stations (Wheels, Drivetrain, and Brakes) and rotated three groups around to each station throughout the night. The groups were smaller, the bikes and parts were within reach, and we were able to feel better about ourselves cracking the same joke three times.

Thanks to all the attendants. That was fun.

We’ve had a nice break in the arctic freeze around here, and it’s been nice to see people out of their burrows. We’ve been busy in the shop. No time for all the stories. Just pictures.

Surly quietly released a new color for the Traveler’s Check: “BrownLow”
We are building up a complete bike with Ritchey cable coupler’s this week. Here is a sneak peek of the new color. Stay tuned for the finished product soon.

The BrownLow Trav Check

The BrownLow Trav Check