January 2009

The new Karate Monkey is incredible.


I am seriously stunned by how much bike is packed into the price. Surly Mr Whirly SS crankset with Surly chainring and Salsa Chaingaurd – delicious.


Salsa Delgado rims built on Surly hubs, Avid BB7 brakes, nice WTB tires and saddle (it’s no veloplush, though), and Surly 1×1 torsion bar.


And it comes stock with a ton of giddy-up – that’s the best part.


Over the last couple days, I’ve had a chance to play around with some different cable routing ideas I have had for a while.

My brother-in-law surprised both his wife and I on Saturday by buying her a Surly LHT. We had a 42cm here that fit her well and we made some other changes to make it her own. She wasn’t a fan of the big arcs of housing sprouting from the bar-end shifters, so I took the opportunity to try out an idea I had. I routed the bar end shifter housing through the handlebar and exited up near the stem. I am sure this bar wouldn’t pass a rigorous stress-test in a lab, but her engineer husband and myself agreed that she would have a hard time stressing that bar enough to worry about. The end result was very agreeable.


The routing is not as obvious.

The routing is not as obvious.

Clean lines

Clean lines

Another routing project came by way of another LHT – this one in for a handlebar swap and checkup. He wanted to install a-bars on the bar-top and give the “second stem” idea a whirl. We placed a second stem under the stem holding the bars and put a nice straight bar in there to accommodate his computer, bike speakers, and a light. I didn’t like the way the front brake cable was routed around the stem into the hanger, so I drilled out a hole in the flat bar, tapped it to take a barrel adjuster, and made it serve as the cable hanger itself.

Accs Bar and Front Brake Cable Hanger

Accs Bar and Front Brake Cable Hanger

Finished Product

Finished Product


For more pictures, click here.

Surly Mr. Whirly triple. Yummy. This is going on my LHT. There is a certain comfort in knowing I will never need another crankset for that bike ever again.


In other news, one M. Mentink dropped off a great gift this morning that set the tone for the rest of the day. 100% recycled (reused?) caps made by her hands. This one is particularly special.


Made from an old Cornfest Bike Rally t-shirt. Fits like a dream. We should have more in the shop sometime this spring. Support local!

I can say, without a doubt, that I have never been in a colder temp than today. It’s -23 here, with a windchill of -35.

Despite that fact, I think it will be a busy day. I may not see another human being in the shop, but my To Do list is actually pretty hefty. This post is at the top of the list.

We received our first shipment of Brooks Imperials earlier this week. One went with JT’s LHT to FL. They are impressive. I have been reading some ecstatic reviews. When I first saw that Brooks was going to release a saddle with a cutout, I was almost disappointed. The cutout seemed like a market trend – something Brooks tends to resist. The Imperials arrived with the new Brooks Bugle, a publication by Brooks promoting bike culture and new products. A considerable portion of the paper was dedicated to the new Imperials – explaining that the original Imperial saddles were designed in the 1890’s! The original patent is so complete as to include that the saddle “is a certain preventative to all perennial pressure.” Incredible. 10o years later, the rest of the industry finally caught up and released cutout saddles. I do love Brooks.


And, if I may brag, I think they like us, too. North Central Cyclery was featured as one of two U.S. dealers in the 2009 Dealers of Excellence brochure.

We have a sale coming up. The Top Secret 1-Day sale is an annual event. The only people that know about the sale and receive the special pricing are those on our mailing list. If you aren’t signed up the receive our monthly newsletter, The Velograph, sign up at the bottom of our main website. You will then receive our Top Secret Price Sheet a week before the event. Show up early if you want something on that sheet. Stay tuned.

Here is an awesome concept. Cheaper than painting bike lanes, that’s for sure:

In other news, a very tall and very talented cat is out of the the bag:


This is the famous Ari Andonopolous, Mechanic and Instigator Extraordinaire. He has accepted a position at NCC and will start in February. Read all about it on his blog.

Today’s project was a semi-custom LHT build for Mr. J. Taylor in Pensacola, FL. We had some goodies on order that arrived today so I started on it. We’re still waiting for the new Brooks Imperial Narrow to arrive before we ship it out.

He originally had the intent to swap out the entire drivetrain for XT/XTR and upgrade to STI levers. My clever salesmanship quickly talked him out of that. I may put this business in its grave with that type of integrity. He wanted the blue frame and black parts, so we upgraded/traded the headset, brakes, hbars, seatpost, and clamp. He had done his research, so my job was easy. This is the result of our collaboration.

Trek has released a new model for 2009. The Allant is an smart and elegant option for anyone looking for an efficient, versatile, and comfortable city/commuter bike. It has some euro-style to it, with stock fenders, rack, and a nice swept-back handlebar. I took it for a spin to the bank today and I was really impressed. I think it’s a steal for $500!

The 2009 Trek Allant w/ Detours Panniers.

The 2009 Trek Allant w/ Detours Panniers.