It’s fitting, really, that on the foggiest, rainiest December day in local history that we would end up building an uncategorizable (is that a word?) bike on a Surly CrossCheck frameset.

I am going to post these pictures, come what may. I know I’m going to get a few licks for the spec choices, but that’s part of the fun. Easton wheels, Bontrager tires, Bontrager most-everything else, and some Avid brakes. The Bonty 29×1.75 tires are fatties, fitting fine. The ratio is 44/17, which was just what we happened to have here (Surly 17t cog).

It’s a beefcake cross bike, or a nimble ss 2niner, or a skinny bulldozer – tbd.

It’s for sale, too. The bidding starts at $1k. Do I hear $1k?