It was a bittersweet day at NCC yesterday. We sold our last black cherry LHT frame to a man named Dan Miller. It was a glass slipper situation. We had one 52cm frameset left, and he walked in looking for a Trucker that would fit him. He hadn’t even considered the cherry since they’d gone the way of the buffalo a while back.

He had done his research, but he seemed happy to find a human being to field his questions instead of digging through forums to find his answers.

Dan’s build is a perfect example of our “Beautilitarian” ethic for bicycles. We like our bikes to be sturdy, yet stunning.

Dan opted to upgrade to the cherry frame, so we were able to give him the works: frame prep, frame saver, stripey spacer stack, cable prep, and icing the cake: Elk Hide bar covering with re-enforced seam stitch.

The Elk Hide was something I had ordered for myself, but offered to Dan because I knew it would look great with the frame color. It was a strange melding of worlds for me. I am a bookbinder and I have a book bindery in the basement of my home. Working with leather is something I rarely get to do on bikes. It was neat to apply that experience to sewing the bars. It was a learning experience, to be sure, since handlebars curve every which way.

Here are some pics of the build for your perusal. Enjoy.