The idea came to me to build up a “snowplow” fixie. I had heard that fixed gears have exceptional handling in icy and slushy conditions, so I decided to tweak my Masi Soulville to handle the elements. Lonnie from Continental helped me out with some Conti Nordic Spike Claw (700×42 – 240 studs) tires. I wish they were wider, but they handle pretty well, even on a clear sheet of ice.
The Soulville has a great ride quality. It’s upright-ish, but not too much. It has a long wheel-base and a good fork rake, so it’s a buttery ride. It did well to gobble up my commute this morning (7°F) on a partially plowed bike path.
I need to change the gearing down a bit – a few sections of trail were slow-mo with a 46/17 on there.
We’ll see how it handles on a longer ride tomorrow. Winter Weight Diner Ride at 7:30am behind NCC – be there.