I can’t really explain what changed in my outlook, but I am more excited about winter than I have been in many years. DeKalb doesn’t offer much in the way of winter activites, unless, of course, you consider the new ice skating rink…which is actually made out of plastic…

That being said, I think winter offers an entirely new cycling scene to those willing to brave the elements. If you have the right equipment to stay warm and stay dry, the only obstacle is the hurdle in your head.

The weather Sunday called for a wee snowstorm – 6 to 8 inches, heavy wind (normal), and a freefalling temp all day; so we went for a ride. The call was for a “Heavy Bike Ride” so we could ride in and over whatever we wanted. We rode a new section of “trail” (new to us… a trail for deer mostly…) and turned around at Larson Park in Sycamore. Larson Park is a gem for runners and (now) cyclocross riders.

My inner monologue went something like this:

Me: “This weather is horrible; who would ride in this stuff..”

Me: “I would, and am, and it’s really quite enjoyable.”

Me: “It IS, isn’t it?”

Me: “Yes, I’m warm, dry, and so are the other guys.”

Me: “Other guys?”

Rich, Jay and Ari were the other idiots out there. It was a blast. The snow fell consistently as we rode, but the inches didn’t start really accumulating until we finished. Having a few inches of snow on the ground has opened up an entire network of otherwise unrideable terrain. It paves over ruts, holes, branches, and roots so you basically have an open canves in the “pockets” of wooded areas around here. If you’re interested in learning where I am talking about, shoot me an email and we can go for a ride.

Enjoy the pics.