November 2008

We received a few of the new Truckaccino LHT frames this week and already built one up for a good man in Cleveland.

This one’s a beaut. We dialogued for a good few days before we started the build. We went with a good mix of sturdy reliable parts with a touch of bling. Gary plans to ride this from Cleveland to Seattle next summer. We knew he needed a comfortable position and a moderate load capacity (he plans to have a sag wagon). We swapped the stock LHT bars for the Bonty Flat Top bars (a great h-bar for touring – plenty of real estate on top, short reach, medium drop, and nice extension of the drops toward the rider). This was a fun project.



Our very own roast. Yum.


In a continuing attempt to re-invent the season, we’re starting a winter ride series. The Winter Weight Diner Ride Series takes place very Saturday morning until March. We hit a different diner each week – you’d be amazed how many there are in a 20mi radius.

We all gain weight in winter, only this way we can say we did it while riding.

Rich and I started it off right. We hit the 4th St Cafe on Thursday as a warm-up and then hit the Page St Diner in Sycamore today. Here is the map:

Winter Weight Diner Ride #1
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