September 2008

The Biknic was on Sunday. Good friends, good weather, great food, and a Big Dummy. The food was truly incredible. I am still full.

The Biknic is my favorite event of the year. It’s always a struggle to get people to come out, though. I don’t think there are many other retail locations that are inviting their customers to come eat and enjoy a day with them. I like to think that is was sets us apart. I feel like we are to accomplish more than just selling bikes. We are trying to incubate a culture. As we hung out in the park, I saw a number of people I knew, “customers,” if you will, ride by without stopping. I wanted to chase them down and give them a bratwurst. We have this event to get to know more people, but I guess that’s just a wierd thing for a store to do these days.



New Soma, Nitto, Oury and Dia-Compe Goodies

Rich, Russ, and I took a little “Oner” (one-night bike camping trip) last weekend. The whole trip was less than 18 hours long, but it still felt good to get away. There’s something about riding to a campground that makes even the shortest trip an adventure. We only rode 20mi to MacQueen Forest Preserve, but we had everything we needed on our bikes. It was a great opportunity to play with new toys, play with fire, eat poorly, and sleep uncomfortably.