I want one.

From Trek:

Trek Stop

A prototype Trek Stop Cycling Convenience Center was assembled on June 30 just off the bike path in Madison, Wisconsin.

Trek Stop

Trek Stop is a 24/7/365 convenience center for cyclists which provides access to cycling products, information and a safe place to work on your bike. Need a tube at midnight? Need some air on the way to your morning commute? Not sure of the best route to get where you’re going? Need a poncho, some wetwipes, or a power bar?

Trek Stop’s got you covered . This full service vending machine is stocked with bicycle products, food and cold drinks, and features an information center which includes maps, a message board, and advertising space for local events and announcements. There’s also a covered maintenance area with a work stand, free air, and even how-to videos a cyclist can play with the push of a button just in case their having trouble fixing that flat or repairing their chain.

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